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   Population and housing censuses 2001. Definitive results.

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Welcome to the information query system for the Population and Housing Censuses on Internet.

Unlike a classical query system in which a determined list of tables is shown, this system offers an unlimited set of tables. It is sufficient to follow four simple steps for which we offer preliminary guidelines. If you require more information consult the tutorial.

All the most relevant information is now available on relationships, including the new variables on the group of people resident in family dwellings.
If you wish to know how to interpret this data, consult the explanatory note.

- Step 1. What do you wish to do? we recommend that you choose "create tables". The section "see list of tables" contains some of the most commonly consulted tables but the large majority of information that the system offers is only visible from the first option.

- Step 2. Choose the geographical scope of the query. Currently the lowest level is municipal.

- Step 3. Choose the group. Information is offered on persons,buildings, housing, premises, family nuclei and households.

As a consequence of the filtering of the new persons variables, small variations have occurred without statistical relevance in some household data and family nuclei with respect to the previous version.

- Step 4. You may create the structure of the table (recommended) or introduce filters for example, only to give information for women or some determined ages.

If you wish you may change the unit of measurement in which the data is presented to obtain rates, percentages, indices, etc or access the personal queries screen which presents all the existing information: the complete list of variables and measurement units and especially, specific relationship data of foreigners, persons over 64, migrants, employed and students.