Electoral Roll of citizens of the European Union residing in Spain for municipal elections and elections to the European Parliament (EFRS UE)

Citizens of the European Union (EU), who are non-Spanish and reside in Spain, may vote in municipal and European Parliament elections if they are registered on the electoral roll and are eighteen years old on voting day.

For registration in the electoral census, prior registration in the Register of the municipality where you habitually reside is required, as well as having expressed your desire to exercise your right to vote in Spain, in municipal elections, in elections to the European Parliament, or in both.

Registration in the Municipal Register is overseen by the Town Halls. To carry out the registration process, the documentation determined by each Town Hall must be completed and presented.

Community voters who have been registered in the electoral census will remain registered in it until they request their exclusion or their exclusion is granted ex officio because they no longer meet the requirements for the exercise of the right to active suffrage.