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Structural Business Statistics: Industrial Sector. Year 2020

Turnover in the Industrial Sector decreased by 11.3% in 2020 and stood at 604,088 million euros. The manufacturing industry accounted for 82.3% of the total turnover of the sector and 89.2% of the employed personnel.

Estadística Estructural de Empresas: Sector Industrial - Datos definitivos 2020
Indicator Note Value Annual change
Cifra de negocios 604,087,971 -11.0
Total de compras de bienes y servicios 463,715,836 -13.3
Valor añadido a coste de los factores 147,582,223 -8.0
Gastos de personal 85,217,609 -2.5
Sueldos y salarios 65,037,155 -2.8
Excedente bruto de explotación 62,364,613 -14.6
Inversión en activos materiales 26,037,578 -6.6
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Datos definitivos 2020 Published: 09/06/2022

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TheStructural Business Statistics: Industrial Sector is aimed at ascertain the structural and economic characteristics of the industrial sector companies, including extractive and manufacturing industries, and activities in the areas of electric power, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, water supply and sanitation services, waste management and decontamination.

This statistic, which is governed by Regulation 295/2008 of the Parliament and the Council of the European Union, provides information on the structural characteristics of industrial sector companies, such as size, economic data (income and expenditure), as well as the employment and investment structure.

In order to improve the structural surveys processes on companies, the “Integration Project of the Structural Business Statistics” has been implemented. This project intends to use one integrated questionnaire, a harmonized sample design, a joint and simultaneous data collection, the homogenization of the development processes and the simultaneous dissemination for the three sectors of study (Industry, Trade and Services). This project is implemented as of the reference year 2015 on.