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Non-hotel Tourist Accommodation Occupancy Survey. March 2024. Provisional data

Overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation increased by 31.4% in March compared to the same month in 2023. Overnight stays in tourist accommodation increased by 18.8%, those on campsites by 56.9%, rural tourism by 48.6% and those in hostels by 25.1%.

Tourist campsites - March 2024
Indicator Note Value Variation
Overnight stays 2,756,984 56.89
Average stay (number of days) 4.32 -11.24
Occupancy rate by division (percentage) 41.90 6.35
Camping price (index) 158.02 7.57
  • Variation: percentage compared to the previous year
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March 2024 Published: 03/05/2024

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The Campsite Occupancy Survey provides information on the supply and demand of the services of this type of accommodation, registered as such in the corresponding Tourist Departments of each Autonomous Community. On the demand side, information is provided on travellers, overnight and average stays, distributed by country of residence of travellers and category of the establishments that are occupied, or by Autonomous Community of origin in the case of Spanish travellers; from the supply point of view information on the estimated number of establishments open, estimated vacancies, degree of occupancy as well as information on employment in the sector is provided. This information is provided monthly, at the following levels: national, Autonomous Community, provincial, tourist area and tourist spot.

The Tourist Campsite Price Index (TCPI) is a statistical measure of the monthly evolution of the prices that campsites apply to their clients. It provides information at the national level and broken down by type of rates and category of the establishment.