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Residents Travel Survey. ETR/Familitur. First Quarter 2023

The number of trips by residents of Spain increased by 9.8% in the first quarter of 2023 up to 35.3 million. Total expenditure increased by 32.2%, and exceeded 9,311 million euros.

Trips by population resident in Spain - Quarter 1/2023
Indicator Note Value Variation
Number of trips 35,254,176 9.83
Average length of trip (nights) 3.34 4.52
Total expenditure (thousands of euros) 9,311,544.74 32.17
Average expenditure per person (euros) 264.13 20.34
Average daily expenditure (euros) 79.09 15.13
  • Variation: percentage compared to the previous year
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Quarter 1/2023 Published: 27/06/2023

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The Residents Travel Survey is a continuous survey whose main objective is to provide monthly, quarterly and annual estimates of the number of trips made by the population resident in Spain and its main characteristics (destination, duration, purpose, accommodation, means of transport, expenditure, socio-demographic characteristics of the travellers, etc.).

These statistics provides continuity to the Tourist Movements of Spaniards Statistics (FAMILITUR) and disseminate results from February 2015 onwards. Previous data and the link to both series can be consulted in the section Related links.

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