21041Estadística de Embalses y Producción de Energía Eléctrica

Department responsible
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs - State Secretariat for Environmental Affairs
Executing unit
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs
Participation of other institutions
Organismos de cuenca, Red Eléctrica de España
Type of operation
Real statistics with results grouped in tables
Sector or subject
Extraction of energy products and energy in general
Subsector or subsubject
Energy production, distribution and consumption of energy products
Breakdown level
Methodology of data collection methodology
Obtaining statistical data by means of census or complete list
Form of data collection
Autolisting, whether by mail or any other form
Overall objective
Conocer la situación y producción hidroeléctrica de todos los embalses de España
Study variables
Nombre del embalse, río, capacidad total, capacidad útil, energía propia, energía repercutida, sistema de explotación a que pertenece, uso (consuntivo o hidroeléctrico)
Classification variables
Recursos hídricos, embalses y energía
Type of dissemination
Publicación , Internet
Periodicity of dissemination
Periodicity of data collection
Type of operation
Administrative sources
No aplicable
Dictated by the High Council on Statistics
These are European statistics, according to European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 223/2009

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