68008Anuario Estadístico del Ministerio del Interior

Department responsible
Ministerio del Interior - Subsecretaría del Interior
Executing unit
Secretaría General Técnica
Participation of other institutions
Type of operation
Sector or subject
Security and justice
Subsector or subsubject
Justice indicators, synthesis and compilations
Breakdown level
Methodology of data collection methodology
Compilation of own or other statistical results
Form of data collection
Not applicable
Overall objective
Difusión de los principales datos sobre criminalidad y otras materias competencia del Ministerio del Interior
Study variables
De carácter general del sector
Classification variables
Propias del sector
Type of dissemination
Anuario estadístico del Ministerio del Interior, Internet
Periodicity of dissemination
Periodicity of data collection
No aplicable
Type of operation
No aplicable
Administrative sources
No aplicable
Dictated by the High Council on Statistics
No aplicable
These are European statistics, according to European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 223/2009

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