5859General Public Debt according to the Excessive Deficit Protocol

Preparation of the debt for each one of the subsectors comprising the Public Administrations within the framework of the PDE, Regulation (EC) no. 3605/93, of 22 November 1993, amended by Regulation (EC) no. 475/2000, of 28 February and by Regulation (EC)
Institutions that intervene
General description (main variables)
Debt of the Public Administrations, and the instruments in which this is materialised, that is: cash and deposits, different values of stocks (short- and long-term), loans (short- and long-term); liabilities in the power of other Public Administrations an
Units comprising the Public Administration sector and the whole of public companies
Frequency of data collection
Autonómica (órganos de Gobierno y empresas públicas propiedad de la comunidad autónoma), agregación
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2009-2012  (in thousands euros)

Plan incidences sheet