Instituto Nacional de Estadística

5372Hospital Morbidity Survey

Institutions that intervene
INE, Health Department of Catalu¿a, MDEF
Works that will be carried out in the year 2009
Processing of information and publication for the year 2007 in April 2009.
Recording of data collected in the 2008 questionnaires up to October.
Automatic encoding of the information for 2008 and other information phases throughout 2009.
The Catalan Health Service grants individualised information to the INE, electronically, derived from the basic minimum data set (CMBD) database that it manages, for use as a primary source of the survey, and sends data regarding Catalu¿a hospitals for the annual updating of the directory of hospitals in the survey. In turn, each year, the MDEF provides the data relating to the military hospitals that it manages directly.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2009  (in thousands euros)


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