5910Services Sector Price Index

Institutions that intervene
INE, Telecommunications Market Commission.
Works that will be carried out in the year 2010
Attendance at national meetings on this subject.
Monthly or quarterly collection and filtering, referring to the year 2009, for postal services activities (64.1 of CNAE-93), computer services (72 of CNAE-93), air transport (62.1 of CNAE-93), sea transport (61.1 of CNAE-93), activities in the handling and storage of freight (63.11 and 63.12 of CNAE-93), legal activities, consultancy and economic advisory and market studies (74.11+74.12+74.13+74.14 of CNAE-93), technical trials and services (74.2+74.3 of CNAE-93), advertising (74.4 of CNAE-93), selection and placement of personnel (74.5 of CNAE-93), investigation and security services (74.6 of CNAE-93) and industrial cleaning activities (74.7 of CNAE-93)
Sending data to Eurostat.
Obtaining and disseminating the quarterly indices, according to the "Availability calendar of the INE short-term statistics, 2010"
The methodology is prepared jointly with the Telecommunications Market Commission, and each quarter, the microdata is submitted of those companies whose main activity is included in the telecommunications sector (64.2 of CNAE-93).
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2010  (in thousands euros)


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