5548Vital Statistics

Institutions that intervene
INE, Statistics Institutes of all of the Autonomous Communities, Civil Registers and Central Civil Register (MJUS), Spanish consulates abroad (MAEC).
Works that will be carried out in the year 2010
Recording, filtering and imputation of the data births, marriages and deaths corresponding to year 2009, and of the information for Spaniards abroad for year 2008, until September 2010.
Dissemination and publication of the provisional data for the year 2009 in May 2010.
Dissemination and publication of the final data for Vital Statistics for the year 2009, and of the Spaniards abroad in 2008, in November 2010.
Publication of monthly provisional data: data for month m will be published in month m+5
Coordination of the tasks envisaged in the collaboration agreements with the Autonomous Communities.
Monthly obtaining of files for births, deaths and marriages for the Directorate General for Registers and Notaries and for applicant public bodies, based on the Resolution of 7 February 2005, of the Subsecretariat, whereby publication of the management referral of the State Justice Secretariat is available to the National Statistics Institute regarding transmission of computerised data relating to recording of births, marriages and deaths carried out in Civil Registers
Compilation of statistical tables regarding births, marriages and deaths for year 2009 requested by Eurostat and other international bodies
Preparation of foreign requests
The civil registers of all of the municipalities fill out the section corresponding to the Civil Register in the statistical bulletins on births, marriages and deaths, and send the statistical bulletins of the events registered in the Civil Register each month to the provincial delegations of the INE
The Statistics Institutes of all Autonomous Communities in tandem with the Health Councils, collaborate in the filtering of bulletins, thereby using a web application developed by the INE. The tasks to be performed by each Body appear in the respective partnership agreements
The INE then publishes the data corresponding to recording of births, marriages and deaths of Spaniards abroad carried out in Spanish consular offices abroad and recorded in the Central Civil Register according to the new collaboration pathway established in this regard with the DG for Registers and Notaries.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2010  (in thousands euros)


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