5245Tourist movement on borders (FRONTUR)

Institutions that intervene
MITT, Directorate General for Traffic (State Traffic Authority) (MINT), AENA, Renfe and Ports of State (MFOM).
Works that will be carried out in the year 2010
Estimation of the number of non-resident visitors who go to Spain via different means of access, and description of their tourist behaviour.
Collection, recording, filtering, processing and monthly analysis of the Information.
An expansion of the sample in the Autonomous Community of Canarias is expected, which will offer information broken down to an island level
Publication and dissemination of the results in accordance with the "Tourism Studies Institute Statistics Availability Calendar for 2010"
The Directorate General for Traffic (State Traffic Authority) and AENA, according to a monthly calendar, and State Ports and RENFE participate in generating the elevation framework of the statistical operation, through the supply of the information necessary for carrying it out. In turn, AENA also collaborates regarding tourist information and publications (study exchange, publications or research work), and in planning the fieldwork supplying the information regarding expected flights that enables carrying out this work.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2010  (in thousands euros)


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