Research projects

In cooperation with the scientific community, the INE creates research projects aimed at improving its production of data and statistics. This section provides information on the calls and awards made to develop scientific research projects.

Ministerial Order establishing the regulatory bases for the granting of subsidies to carry out scientific research projects at the National Institute of Statistics

Call for 2021

  • Year of call: 2021
  • Beneficiaries: research and knowledge dissemination organizations may be beneficiaries of the aid, understanding as such any entity whose main objective is to independently carry out fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development or widely disseminate the results of these activities through teaching and the publication or transfer of knowledge. These bodies must have their own legal personality, be validly constituted and have tax residence or a permanent establishment in Spain.
  • Budget credit and amount of the subsidy: this year's call is made and resolved in 2021. The available budget is €1,000,000 from the budget application 27.101.923C.780 of the INE expense budget. The individualized amount of each award will be determined according to one or more of the criteria detailed in this announcement.
  • Application submission period: from July 27, 2021 to August 16, 2021, both inclusive.