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Censos 2001. Cambios en la composición de los hogares  (Archivo PDF 329 Kb.)
Censos 2001. Los cambios sociales de los últimos 10 años  (Archivo PDF 380 Kb.)
Spain at the start of the 21st century

Population and Housing Census 2001

Census information dissemination plan

Dissemination through publications and files
Date Contents
November 2004 Microdata file
March 2005 Volume I. National results.
Book I. Persons, buildings and dwellings
November 2005 Volume IV. Inframunicipal indicators. Census sections and population units
CD Rom
Febrero 2006 Volume I. National results.
Book II. Households & family nucleus
March 2006 Volume III. Municipal indicators
CD Rom
November 2006 Inframunicipal indicators. Road sections
File with basic counts for road sections contained in each section
Tailor-made on request
January-December 2006 Volume II. Results by Autonomous Community and Provinces
17 volumes Book + CD Rom
Dissemination via the Internet
Date Contents
July 2002 Population figures for each municipality
December 2002 Data on sex, age, nationality and place of birth
March 2003 Preview data on other census variables on persons, households, dwellings and buildings
Fourth Quarter 2003 Final data files, except detailed filtering and composition of the household structure
February 2004 Final census results up to, and including, the municipal level, except the detailed household structure
July 2004 Definitive household structure data: degree of relationship, household reference person, single-parent households, households composed by elderly persons, etc.
Fourth Quarte 2004 Detailed information by geographical areas smaller than municipalities: parishes, towns, certain areas in large cities, etc. For these units, variables are provided on persons, households, dwellings and buildings; always considering the restrictions on statistical secrecy envisaged in the regulations.