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Latest data (April 2024) Data Annual rate
Mortgages dwellings (number) 34,264 28.0Gráfica serie
Average amount ( € ) 139,328 1.5


The Mortgages Statistic provides monthly information on the number of mortgaged goods and the amount of loans that correspond to the same granted by banks, savings banks and other institutions.

The information for the elaboration of the Mortgages Statistic is obtained from the Property registers that facilitate data on real estate mortgages (urban and rustic buildings).

What is a mortgage?

The mortgage is a real, accessory and indivisible right of putting a monetary value on an asset (mortgaged asset) which is established via registration in the property register. The mortgage subjects the goods on which it is imposed, whoever the holder is, to fulfilling the obligation for whose security it was made. The amount of this obligation is also covered in the registration of the mortgage in the register.

Mortgage Statistics History

The Mortgages Statistic comes from the Mortgage loans that was modified by the Government Presidency Order of 7 July 1986. The first annual monograhpy referred to the 1987 data.

As of 2002 the statistic was reformed with the objective of providing much broader information on rustic, urban and other goods at a time when the data on ships and movable goods which were included up to now have now disappeared.

In January 2006, the Mortgages Statistics broadens the information it provides by incorporating data on mortgage changes and cancellations. In general, we can consider a mortgage has changed when the original conditions of the mortgage loan are modified, either because the owner of the mortgaged asset has changed, because of the interest rates, of the sum of capital loaned or of the periods established for redemption. Cancellations refer to mortgages that have been totally cancelled and whose cancellation structure has been entered in the corresponding Land Register.