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Social indicators


This rubric offers a summary of indicators relating to global aspects of the Spanish social situation. The research objectives are classified in several areas, such as family, education, employment, health, recreation and personal relations, safety, welfare, poverty, science and technology, etc.

Women and Men in Spain

The Women and Men in Spain publication offers, from the gender perspective, a selection of the most relevant current indicators, which enables the analysis of the situation of men and women in certain social and economic areas.

Every chapter of the publication is updated separately as the corresponding information sources are available.

Quality of Life Indicators

The quality of life indicators address the multidimensional measurement of living standards through a group of indicators disaggregated according to individual features and geographical area.

These references enable us to measure progress in societies and welfare of individuals by enlarging the framework of traditional economic development indicators such as welfare and growth measurements.

Analysis of Income and Household Expenses

This heading presents severala analysis on household expense and income distribution in order to publish the most used theoretical models in the study of phenomena such as poverty or social exclusion.

This information makes it possible to carry out deep analysis of the socioeconomic situation of households in Spain, using as the main sources of information the Living Conditions Survey and the Household Budget Survey.