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Percentage of companies (with 10 or more employees) 2020 2019
With an Internet connection 98.2 98.4
With an Internet connection and web site 78.1 78.2
Which make e-commerce sales 25.5 20.4


The Survey on the use of ICTs and e-commerce in companies is a survey integrated in the EU's statistical plans to analyse the Information Society. The objective of the survey is to collect the information needed to measure the use of Information and Communications Technologies and e-commerce in companies in the Member States.

This research analyses the implementation and use of information technologies in companies in the manufacturing industry; dedicated to production and distribution of energy, gas and water; construction; trade; accommodation; transport and communications; renting and business services, and cinema, radio or television activities.

Sample and data collection

The Survey on the use of ICTs and e-commerce in companies is performed using a sample of 26,000 companies (15,000 with 10 or more employees and 11,000 with less than 10 employees) located in the national territory.

The population framework of the survey is the Central Companies Directory (CCD); a register with identification, localisation, territorial distribution and data and classification by size and economic activity of company type units.


E-commerce comprises transactions performed using telematic networks, such as the Internet or EDI. Goods and services are procured via these networks, but the payment or dispatch of the good or service may be performed using this channel or others. Orders made by telephone, fax or conventional email are not considered electronic commerce.