Survey on the collection and treatment of waste. Urban waste: 2010-2019 series Collection of urban waste

Amount of urban waste collected classified by type of waste and Autonomous Communities.

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    • 1) TOTAL MIXED WASTE includes '10.1.1 Household waste and similar' and '10.1.2 Mixed large household waste'. The rest is included in the category TOTAL SEPARATED COLLECTION WASTE.

      2) Data corresponding to mixed household waste, glass, paper and cardboard, animal and vegetal waste, as well as waste from mixed packaging, has been provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment. Estimates for the remaining categories come from the cited survey.

      3) Data corresponding to the Autonomous Cities of 'Ceuta and Melilla' are not published due to statistical secrecy.

      4) In 2011, non-used medicines, rubber waste and medical and biological waste are included in the category '18 Other'.

      5) The data for the year 2018 have been revised on 11/23/2022.
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.