Total expenditure and average expenditure of households Average expenditure per household, average expenditure per person and structure of total expenditure, by expenditure group (2 digits) according to different classification variables

Average expenditure and expenditure structure according to educational level of the main breadwinner.

Units: Euros, %
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      • Expenditure groups (2 digits)
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      • Educational level of the main breadwinner
      • Medium and total expenditure, and percent distribution
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  • Notes ( 3 )
    • Due to a lack of representativeness, estimates cannot be provided for the cells without data (to points)
    • Illiterate persons are included in "Lower than first stage of Secondary education" category
    • Until 2014, all university degree programmes were included in a single category ¿Degree (240 ETCS), Undergraduate degree...¿. As of 2015, the level of education follows the National Classification of Education CNED - 2014.
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