National results Material deprivation

Persons aged 16 years old and over, with deprivation in a certain number of concepts (Europe 2020 Strategy), by relationship with economic activity

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      • Lack or deprivation in a given number of concepts
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      • Relationship with economic activity
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    • Concepts considered:
      1. Cannot afford to go on holiday at least one week a year
      2. Cannot afford a meal based on meat, chicken or fish at least every two days
      3. Cannot afford to keep their dwelling at an adequate temperature
      4. Unable to handle unforeseen expenses
      5. Has had delays in the payment of expenses related with the main dwelling (mortgage or rent, gas bills, community bills, etc.) or make installment purchases in the last 12 months
      6. Cannot afford to have a car
      7. Cannot afford to have a telephone
      8. Cannot afford to have a colour television
      9. Cannot afford to have a washing machine.
    • A partir de ECV2021 se dejan de recoger los conceptos " No puede permitirse disponer de un teléfono", " No puede permitirse disponer de un televisor en color ", y " No puede permitirse disponer de una lavadora ", asumiéndose que el hogar no tiene carencia en esos conceptos.
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