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Market Services sector indicators - May 2018
Indicator Note Monthly change Annual change
Turnover index Original series 6.2 6.8
Turnover index Seasonally adjusted series 1 1.5 6.1
Occupancy indices 1.4 2.0
  • Series adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects

Los Services sector activity indicators (SSAI) measure the short-term evolution of the activity of companies belonging to non-financial market Services, through two variables: turnover and employed personnel. Turnover comprises the amounts invoiced by the company for the provision of services and the sale of goods. Employed personnel includes both wage-earning and unpaid personne.

In order to obtain this data, an ongoing survey is conducted, every month researching more than 28,000 companies that operate in this sector. Results are presented as indices so as to measure variations as compared to base year 2015.

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May 2018 Published: 16/07/2018
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