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Latest data Monthly rate (%) Annual rate (%)
November 2017 0.5 Gráfica serie 3.1 Gráfica serie


The Industrial Price Index (IPRI) measures the monthly development of the price of manufactured and sold products in the domestic market, during the first step of its commercialisation. The IPRI covers the sales prices coming out of the factory obtained by industrial establishments in the transactions which are carried out, excluding transport and commercialisation costs and VAT invoiced.

The index coverage extends to all industrial sectors, except construction. Therefore, extractive, manufacturing and production industries, distribution of electrical energy, water and gas are investigated.

In order to obtain this, an ongoing survey is conducted, each month covering approximately 27,000 prices for 1,500 products, in a sample of nearly 8,500 industrial establishments. The information collected consists of current prices on the 15th day of each month.

Base 2010: updating and new calculation system

The first data for the IPRI, base 2010, is published in reference to the month of January 2013. This base change has included updating the sample of informant units and updating the sample of the products included in the basket. It has included activity branches that have gained significance on national and regional levels, and excluded others whose weight has decreased.

Among the changes made in base 2010, worth noting is the calculation system, which introduces a new way of producing the indicator, based on the permanent updating of the main elements involved in its compilation.

Base 2010 weightings

The IPRI weightings have been calculated in agreement with the importance of activity branches (according to the value of its turnover) and products (according to the production value).

By economic purpose Weightings (%)
Energy 24.74
Capital goods 15.21
Intermediate goods 30.23
Consumer goods 29.82
- Non-durable consumer goods 27.48
- Durable consumer goods 2.35