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In article 37, law 12/1989, of 9 May, on the Public Statistical Services establishes that the High Council on Statistics is a consultative organ of the state statistical services, and in articles 36 and 42, creates the Interministerial Statistics Commission and the Interterritorial Statistics Committee respectively


High Council on Statistics

The High Council on Statistics, affiliated to the Ministry of Economy and Business, is an advisory body of the state statistical services and social involvement of informants, producers and users of official statistics, where trade union and business organisations and other social, economic and academic groups are represented, together with ministries and the INE.



Annual reports passed since 2008:

Announcement of new statistical developments

Projects presented for opinion at the last session of the Permanent Commission

At the meeting of the Permanent Commission of the CSE (“Higher Statistical Council”) held on Octobre 2, 2019, the following methodological projects related to statistical operations for central government purposes were submitted for opinión:

The observations to the projects must be sent to the following email adress: until November 6, 2019, stating in them:

  • Name and surname or company name of the participant
  • Organization or association (if appropriate)
  • Contact (email)

With general character, the contributions received will be considered susceptible of public diffusion. The parts of the submitted information that, in the opinion of the interested party, should be treated confidentially and consequently should not be freely disseminated, should be specifically indicated in the text of the contribution, not considering generic messages of confidentiality of information for this purpose.

Opinions adopted

One of the main functions of the CSE is to issue a legally required opinion on all the statistics projects for central government purposes. Following the latest publication of the annual reports of the CSE, the following opinions have been issued:

Year 2019

Year 2018

The opinions adopted on previous dates are included in the annual reports of the HCS

Other documents approved by the CSE

Interministerial Statistics Commission

The Interministerial Statistics Commission, affiliated to the Ministry of Economy  and Business, via the National Statistics Institute, is a participative organ of the statistical services in charge of the compiling of statistics in the scope of the State Central Administration and constitutes one of the springboards for achieving horizontal coordination among the State Statistical Services.



Annual reports passed since 2008:

Interterritorial Statistics Committee

The Interterritorial Statistics Committee is a permanent official body in charge of overseeing the coordination, cooperation and standardisation of statistical matters between the State and the Autonomous Communities. Corresponding to this Committee are those functions assigned to it by Law 12/1989, of 9 May, on Public Statistical Function, and those that may be assigned to it in order to enable coordination and enhance cooperation between the state and Autonomous Community statistical services..



Annual reports passed since 2008:

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