The Inventory of Statistical Operations (ISO) is a description of the statistical operations of the National Statistics Institute, the Ministries, the Bank of Spain and the General Council of the Judiciary Branch. The inventory is a fundamental instrument for statistical coordination and planning and is the starting point for the formulation of the National Statistical Plan.

The unit adopted as an inventory base is the statistical operation defined as the set of activities that lead to obtaining statistical results in a determined sector or subject based on the individually collected data. Also included in the scope of this definition are the infrastructure and statistical standardisation work that make possible the coordination, homogenisation and integration of statistics as well as the collection of results and synthesis preparation.

Date of the latest update: 11 August 2017


Notice on the ministerial structure The classification by "responsible organism" has still not been fully adapted to what was set forth in the "Royal Decree 424/2016 of 11 November, whereby the basic organisational structure of the ministerial departments is established." When identifying the "executing unit" for a given statistic the ISO only goes as far as the General Sub-Directorate level, therefore, complete adaptation is only possible after the approval of all royal decrees by which the organisational structure of the different ministerial departments has been adjusted in accordance with the provisions contained in the aforementioned royal decree.
To date, the following ministries have been adapted, which are the only entities for which the development of the basic organisational structure has been approved in accordance with the mentioned royal decree: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness, Ministry of Employment and Social Security and Ministry of Justice.

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