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This page includes a list of statistics that can be used to obtain microdata files. Microdata files comprise individual data for one given statistic, which have been filtered appropriately to achieve anonymous information so as to ensure confidentiality. These ASCII files have a field-based structure and garner the values for each variable for each individual survey recording.

When using microdata files, any published information including data obtained thereby must quote the INE as the primary data source (source: INE, Furthermore, the level of accuracy or reliability of the information derived drawn up by the authors is exclusively their responsibility.

To access a microdata file for a specific statistic, select the appropriate operation on this page. Another page will open showing the different periods available, ready for downloading, alongside all the information needed to understand the data: methodology, questionnaires, register design and relation of valid values for the data garnered in the survey.

Statistical operations for which there are microdata files that are anonymised by standard policy
Demography and population Periodicity Available series
Continuous Register Statistics Annual Since 2011
Population censuses Once 1991, 2001 and 2011
Vital Statistics
Births Annual Since 1975
Deaths Annual Since 1975
Deliveries Annual Since 1975
Late fetal deaths Annual Since 1975
Marriages Annual Since 1976
National Immigrant Survey Once 2007
Residence Variation Statistic Annual Since 1988
Analysis and demographic studies
Fertility Survey Once 1985 and 1999
Society Periodicity Available series
Survey on Adult Population Involvement in Learning Activities (AES) Quinquennial 2007 and 2011
Survey on the Transition from Education/Training to Labour Market Insertion Once 2005
European Health Survey Quinquennial 2009
Health and Sexual Habits Survey Once 2003
Hospital morbidity survey Annual Since 1978
National Health Survey Quinquennial 2011
Surveys on Disabilities Once 1986, 1999 and 2008
Social Integration and Health Survey Annual 2012
Quality of life
Basic household budget survey Once 1980-81 and 1990-91
EU Households Panel Data for Spain Annual Since 1994
Survey on Homeless Persons Annual 2012
Household budget continuous survey Quarterly Since 1tr/1985
Household budget continuous survey. Longitudinal file Annual Since 1998
Household budget survey (Base 2006) Annual Since 2006
Household budget survey. Welfare module Once 2010
Living Conditions Survey. Cross-files Annual Since 2004
Living Conditions Survey. Longitudinal files Annual Since 2004
Survey on Equipment and Use of Communication and Information Technologies in Households Annual Since 2002
Time Use Survey 2002-2003, 2009-2010
Labour market Periodicity Available series
Economically Active Population Survey. APS. Quarterly survey results Quarterly Since 1tr/1999
Wage Structure Survey four-yearly 1995, 2002, 2006 and 2010
Social analysis
Survey on households and the environment 2008 Once 2008
Science and Technology Periodicity Available series
Technological research and development
Survey on Human Resources in Science and Technology Once 2006 and 2009
Agriculture Periodicity Available series
Agrarian census Once 1982, 1989 and 1999
Agrarian census and Survey on Production Methods in Agricultural Operations Once 2009
Survey on the structure of agricultural operations Biannual Since 1987