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Methodological novelties

The Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS) is modified in 2002. The changes are
methodological and affect some of the definitions used in the survey and the results calculation process:

  1. INE new population projections will be used.
  2. A technical improvement in the calculation of the totals is introduced (reweighting of the elevation factors).
  3. Finally the new definition of unemployed established in Regulation (EC) Nº 1897/2000 by the Commission, of 7 September 2000.

The first of these changes comes from the increase that has occurred in the Spanish population as a result of the entry of immigrants.

The second is an improvement in the form of correcting the effect of the lack of response in the survey. The third is regulated by the European Union Statistical Office. (EUROSTAT).

The repercussions of these changes in the estimates of survey will be important. The INE offers in this publication and also on Internet (www.ine.es/en/welcome_en.htm), all available information on the process, as well as the necessary data to save the discontinuities in the results series, in such a way that it is possible to quantify the development of the labour market doubly, with the effects of the modifications and without their repercussion. Nevertheless, it is necessary to highlight that the new definition of unemployment introduces a rupture in the series.

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