The INE is not responsible for the results that the recipients of the data obtain from these files based on their own calculations. In addition, recipients undertake to cite, in any publication derived therefrom, the INE as the primary data source (source: INE,, as well as the fact that the degree of accuracy or reliability of the information derived from the authors' own calculations is the sole responsibility of the authors themselves.

  • From quarter 1/2021 to last published quarter

    • Cuestionario modelo único para todos los períodos (formato PDF)
    • Diseño de registro y valores válidos (formato XLSX)
  • From quarter 1/2005 to quarter 4/2020

    • Questionnaire same model for all periods (PDF format)
    • Register design and valid values (XLSX file)
  • From quarter 1/199 to quarter 4/2004

    • (formatPDF)
    • Register design and valid values (XLS compressed format)


    In order to download the microdata files included in this section, their variables are anonymised by standard policy. If the information contained in these files were not enough, users may request an anonymised file, with a greater beakdown in some variables. When this deaggregation is possible, an economic charge will be billed toward time of study and programming; the acceptance of the corresponding terms of use will also be necessary.